A Rise in Attendance at Second Thymic Neoplasm Workshop

Houston, October 2-4, 2008 — Thirty medical professionals from Mexico, Europe and the United States attended the second Thymic Neoplasm Workshop, hosted by the Foundation for Thymic Cancer Research (FTCR) at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

One full day of speakers covered a variety of topics including:

  • Imaging Thymoma
  • Surgical Management of Thymic Tumors
  • Thymoma Classification
  • Optimal Radiation Therapy for Thymoma
  • The M.D. Anderson Approach to Thymic Tumors
  • Molecular Biology of Thymic Tumors
  • Multimodality Protocol for Stage III Thymoma
  • Belinostat Study in Advanced Thymoma and Thymic Carcinoma (a research study)
  • Induction Chemotherapy
  • Thymoma Tissue Microarray
  • The Thymus: A Comprehensive Review

The workshop also included a discussion group and two dinners hosted by the FTCR.

For more information about upcoming workshops, please visit www.Thymic.org.

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Natasha Koifman, NKPR
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