Alan B

Alan Blaustein My name is Alan Blaustein and I was diagnosed with stage IVa thymus …Read More →

Alessandro M

Alessandro Marzi Hi group, my name is Alessandro Marzi, I’m 38 years old from Rome, …Read More →

Alida N

My experience seems be a total tale of confusion and I have often felt like …Read More →

Allan D

Posted May 2012 My husband Allan, age 54, went for a routine physical in February …Read More →

Amy R

My sister Amy was diagnosed with a malignant Thymoma in August 2002. She and her …Read More →


After reading the horror stories this disease brought upon us I thought I would share …Read More →

Barbara C

Barbara Canfora In June of this year, I was told I have Thymic Carcinoma. It …Read More →

Barbara Neibauer

Barbara passed away on September 4, 2005. Barbara’s personal journal:  www.thebarbie.us In November 2001, my …Read More →


2005 Chris passed away on April 18th….the kids and I miss him terribly, but are …Read More →


I am a 28-year old male. I was diagnosed with Cushing’s in November of 2003 …Read More →


My husband Danny fell and hurt his shoulder in November and the doctor ordered an …Read More →

Elaine C

Elaine Ciminna I just finished 3 cycles of treatment with cisplatin but had some awful …Read More →


Giulio, Fede’s husband. Sadly, Fede passed away recently. Giulio and Fede are Italian. Her complete …Read More →

Frank W

Dr. Francis Wang Dr. Francis Wang passed away in October, 2005 Frank’s Story I am …Read More →


Gary died on June 14, 2005. Our thoughts and prayers to his wife Sarah. From …Read More →

Jan H

Jan Headberg tomboybt@yahoo.com or jheadberg@madbbs.com My name is Jan, age 50. I went on this …Read More →


Here is the short version of my wife Jeannie’s losing battle with cancer. Her primary …Read More →

Joan F

Hello, My name is joan fitzgerald, I’m a 35yr old Caucasian female with a diagnosis …Read More →


I was diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma in July 2002 after my Doctor noticed something in …Read More →


I am a 44 yo white male. I have a rare one. An atypical carcinoid …Read More →


John passed away August 28, 2005. Our thoughts and prayers to Teresa and her family. …Read More →

Karen S

Karen passed away in August 2004. I was diagnosed with thymic carcinoma late last year, …Read More →


Hi, I’m Karri. a 43 year old female. I have been diagnosed with thymic carcinoma. …Read More →


See www.caringbridge.org/nc/katelynntreakle for details My 10yr old daughter is undergoing testing for suspected thymic carcinoid. …Read More →

Larry K

Larry Koonce Larry Koonce, brave Texan, friend, thymic carcinoma patient, passed away Monday, June 7, …Read More →

Linda B

I was diagnosed with thymic carcinoma in Oct of 1997. I had no symptoms and …Read More →


Posted May 2012 In February 2007, Lori, our then sixteen year old son Josh, and …Read More →


I am new to this web site. I don’t know why since I am a …Read More →


Reading your stories here and on the message board has been extremely helpful to me. …Read More →

Mary Lynn R

Mary Lynn Rampmeyer’s Hi Alan: thanks for the t-shirt, which i received in April. Sorry …Read More →


I am writing to you with a permanent lump in my throat, a hot head …Read More →

Pat’s Thymic Carcinoma Story

I was diagnosed with thymic carcinoma in February 2020 at the age of 61.  I …Read More →

Paul J

Paul E. Johnson I was diagnosed with malignant Thymoma in June of 2001. The doctors …Read More →


I went to the doctor in Dec.2002 with a cough and slight lump below the …Read More →

Philip C

Philip Chun Philip passed away on September 12, 2004. I am a 37 yr old …Read More →

Phillip P

On July 20, 2017 It is now 2017 and I have stayed cancer free since …Read More →

Ramon C

Ramon Canton I am very excited about talking to this special group about a condition …Read More →

Regina M

April 2012 My thymic carcinoma was diagnosed in July 2011. In May and June, I …Read More →

Robert H

Robert L. Humbel Robert Louis Humbel passed away peacefully December 3, 2005 in his home …Read More →

Sandy B

So far I’ve been very fortunate compared to a lot of thymus carcinoma patients.  In …Read More →

Sarah R

I am 37 years old. I went to the ER with chest pain and a …Read More →

Steve K

Steve Kurtz drowned while white water rafting in Idaho on June 29th. From Marie, Steve’s …Read More →


Terrell will go for second dose of Carboplatin on Thursday (9/02/04). This is his third …Read More →


Well, here I am ready to share the story of my journey into MG and …Read More →