Finding reliable information on the internet is sometimes difficult. It is easy to get overwhelmed with information, facts, figures, and opinions. Because of the rarity of these diseases, it is also difficult to find other patients in your area to discuss experiences and feelings. Most cancer support groups may not have another thymoma or thymic carcinoma patient in the group.

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The Foundation for Thymic Cancer Research hope to fill in these gaps by providing reliable information and a place to go for help.

In the Patient Resource section of our website, you will find:

  • About Thymic Cancer: a discussion of the nature of this disease, its diagnosis, classification and staging, and treatment options.
  • Featured Video: an informative video, rotated periodically,  by renowned experts in the field
  • Case database: if you desire, you can provide information about your diagnosis and treatment for statistical purposes.
  • Thymic Cancer Support Groups: places to go to discuss this disease with other patients
  • Patient Stories: a place to share your own story with others, and to learn about the experiences of other patients.
  • Provider Submission: a place where you can recommend physicians who have treated thymic cancer patients.
  • Document Library: a source of articles and studies. If you locate a paid article that you are interested in reading, contact us at We may be able to provide it to you.