Alessandro M

Alessandro Marzi

Hi group, my name is Alessandro Marzi, I’m 38 years old from Rome, Italy, and following is my story.

I was diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma in July 1997, after a rx made for another reason. I received my first surgery to remove a mediastinic mass (10x7x5), part of left lung, part of succlavia, part of pericardium and phrenicum. After surgery i have received radiation (about 5000 G) and chemo (six cycles of Cisplatinum and Epi).

In November 2000, due to some doubt about the course of follow up, I decide to change my doctor and go to IEO in Milano (Italy), probably one of the best cancer center in Europe, directed by Umberto Veronesi. My new doctor in Thoracic Dept. schedule some exam (PET scan and CT scan) and the result was: recurrencies of cancer on the left chest wall (approx. 7×5). I receive another 3 cycles of chemo (Cysplatinum and VP16) with no results, so doctor decide i have to go under surgery again: in august 2001 my VIII, IX and X ribs and part of the left lung was removed; chest wall was rebuilt with marlex and metylmethacrylate.

One year after, another recurrences, this time on the sterno and on VII rib: surgery again then RT on the VII rib.

On November 2003, due to a recurrence on my back I have received a “termoablazione” (i don’t know how in English, is a treatment made with a needle and radiofrequencies).

Finally, on 2 September this year I have received another surgery to remove recurrences on left lung, pericardium, left ribs and diaphragm; chest wall was rebuilt again, this time with marlex and goretex.

Now, I’m here and I feel good. My next check up will be in january 2005.

Apologies my English, trying to do my best.

Keep the faith.


Update: January-February 2007

Alessandro’s (now 40 years old) situation has changed during the last months. A check-up showed some possible troubles but the exams (CT scan and PET Scans) seemed to contradict each other. Alessandro reports:

I have a local recurrence on my back side (thoracic wall, sx side, back), 2 cm big, encapsulated, situated between muscle and ribs. A needle biopshy confirmed the thymic carcinoma cellular type. Next week I’ll go to the hospital for a pet scan and a tc scan, and after this – if the situation still confirmed as is – I’ll go under surgery.