Acute Presentation of Thymoma With Infarction or Hemorrhage
The presentation of thymomas is variable; most are asymptomatic and others present with local compression symptoms or a parathymic syndrome. Rarely thymomas present as an acute emergency with severe chest painRead More →

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Therapy for Unresectable Malignant Thymoma
Background: The therapeutic outcome for unresectable, locally advanced, malignant thymoma has been poor.
Objective: To improve tumor resectability and patient survival rates by studying a multimodal approach to therapy for unresectable malignant thymoma.Read More →

Clinical and immunohistochemical study of eight cases with thymic carcinoma
Conclusions: In this small series, it is suggested that a complete resection suggests a favorable
result. Immunohistochemical results reveal that the expression of these proteins might indicate the
aggressiveness of thymic carcinoma.
Thymic carcinoma is a rare type of malignant tumor [1,2].
It is more invasive and with a poorer prognosis than Thymoma.Read More →

Methods: We analyzed seven cases of primary thymic carcinoma, treated with various chemotherapy regimens in our hospital from 1990 to 1999, and carried out a literature review of case reports of thymic carcinoma successfully treated with chemotherapy.
Results: All four cases who received modified ADOC therapy obtained partial responses. Other chemotherapeutic regimens (CHOP-E, PVB) were not effective.
Conclusion: Based on the results of this study and the literature review, we feel that a positive response is obtainable with chemotherapy for thymic carcinoma. Modified ADOC therapy showed consistent efficacy in thymic carcinoma in this study.Read More →

American Society of Clinical Oncology Technology Assessment: Chemotherapy Sensitivity and Resistance Assays

To develop a technology assessment of chemotherapy sensitivity and resistance assays in order to
define the role of these tests in routine oncology practice.
Read More →