Elaine C

Elaine Ciminna

I just finished 3 cycles of treatment with cisplatin but had some awful side effects. My hearing has suffered and I’m loosing feeling in my fingers. I’ll be seeing my thoracic surgeon on Monday to see if he feels my thymoma is operable yet. (Notice I said yet…..I’m thinking positively). If not I guess it will be more chemo for me. I’m putting off radiation as long as possible.

Happy holiday wishes to all,

Elaine Ciminna
New York


Well the decision is in regarding the next step in my treatment. The chemo did not achieve the results we had hoped for. My oncologist has discussed the results with Dr. Kris at Sloan Kettering and Dr. Loehrer in Indiana and they all agree that we should proceed with surgery. I believe the best they expect at this point is debulking but we will try to remain hopeful.

They also feel strongly that Dr. Bains should do the surgery at Sloan Kettering. I could not ask for a better surgeon or a nicer gentleman, but going to S-K does present a financial hardship that we’ll have to deal with. Still, I’m fortunate to have this option available.

So I plan to party hardy this holiday season because January won’t be anything to look forward to :o(.