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Jan Headberg
tomboybt@yahoo.com or jheadberg@madbbs.com

My name is Jan, age 50. I went on this site once, along time ago. My background was working in an Air Force Lab with chemicals for almost 16 years. Medical History of Sarcoidosis. I found out this past year I have Invasive Epithelial Thymic Thymoma, Stage 4 and Myasthenia Gravis. Now they are thinking it is something other than MG. My blood is now being tested in England. I have had 4 cycles of chemotherapy, Cyclophosphamide, Adriamycin and Cisplatin. No help, just a lot of missing hair. I guess like many of you, I have been told I am going to died more times than I care to say. I find myself telling the Doctors what to do and feeling like a freak in a side show. I am a very strong person, but, starting to give up. And I just can not because I still have two children at home. The tumor has entered into the upper left lung, aorta, veins and heart. The Doctors said “they could operate, the only thing they would not do is put me in an oven at 350f after they gutted me. I said, “No thanks”. After having my chest cut wide open because a vein was damage is five places when they tried to get the biopsy in August of 2003. Now, I am not sure if I did the right thing by turning down the operation. Please, I need some advise on what I should do, what has worked for others , what’s out there and most of all not being alone anymore, as the Doctors look at me more as a write up for a medical book than a human being. I am having a hard time walking and breathing now, so I am not sure how much longer I have. Please contact me, I need all the advise and direction I can get. E-Mail tomboybt@yahoo.com or jheadberg@madbbs.com or Call H/P 814-723-0950.