Ramon Canton I am very excited about talking to this special group about a condition that no one knows allot about. I have just reciently gone through my first cemothreapy and feel relativly good. A few months ago I started coughing for no apparent reason and I went to my doctor. She decided to do a chest x ray and saw a “cloudy” area near my heart. We did a CT scan and saw the “beast” on my thymus. We followed up with a biopsy and it had inconclusive results. I met with my oncologist and since we had no information on if it wasRead More →

Steve Kurtz drowned while white water rafting in Idaho on June 29th. From Marie, Steve’s wife: Steve died in a water rafting accident. He was still in remission at the time of his death. While the months after the end of his treatment were tough ones, he was living life to its fullest. At the time of his death, he had just volunteered to participate in a clinical drug trial for the MG which sometimes accompanies thymic cancers. and was looking forward to getting back to riding his bike His family takes great consolation that he died doing what he loved best–being out in theRead More →

Terrell will go for second dose of Carboplatin on Thursday (9/02/04). This is his third round of chemo since being diagnosed with malignant thymoma in 1996. First round: 6/96 6 doses, at 3 week intervals, of Cisplatin. Second round: 4/01 2 doses of Carboplatin, followed by 4 doses of Cisplatin, Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide, Adriamycin (dodoxorubicin, also called Doxil) combination, every three weks Third round: 8/12/04 Just carboplatin, hopefully for only 3 doses, at 3 week intervals. There has been slight new tumor growth only in 2 lymph nodes…doctors are hoping that these three doses of the less-toxic carbo will re-shrink, or at least halt the newRead More →

Well, here I am ready to share the story of my journey into MG and Invasive Thymoma. First, I was 49 when I was diagnosed. I worked in an office. I had had no exposure to radiation or the like. On Thursday, Aug. 18 2002, I was doing a muscle class and suddenly I couldn’t breath. I went home. It abated and Friday I went to work. I thought I was coming down with a sinus infection so the doctor called in a script for an antibiotic. By noon Friday I was seeing double. Monday I went to work and suddenly I could not talkRead More →

On July 20, 2017 It is now 2017 and I have stayed cancer free since 2004.  After surgery in Nashville and 35 radiation treatments administered over seven weeks in Jackson, TN, I continued to see my oncologist for check ups.  For the first two years I would see him every three months.  I would go to the cancer clinic in Jackson for a CAT scan and then talk with my oncologist.  Then I met with him three times a year for a year.  Then twice a year for a year and then once a year until 2015.  At that point (10 years after my treatmentRead More →