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So far I’ve been very fortunate compared to a lot of thymus carcinoma patients.  In March 2019 I was have trouble taking a deep breath, so my doctor ordered a CAT scan thinking I might have lung cancer.  I then had a CAT scan with dye and then a PET scan.  The PET scan showed two spots around the thymus and one spot on what they thought was my lung.   I was sent to a cardiac surgeon.  They then ordered a biopsy on the spot on my lung and it was cancerous.  So we scheduled surgery to remove everything.  On May 8, 2019 they openedRead More →

I am 37 years old. I went to the ER with chest pain and a CT indicated that I had an anterior mediastinal mass. I saw many doctors and even went to Cleveland Clinic. Several doctors told me to watch and wait. My mass grew 3 cm in just a few weeks. I finally convinced cardiothoracic surgeon at Christ Hospital to remove it. I just learned that the pathology report indicates I had a B1 thymoma. The surgeon is convinced that he removed the entire mass and that chemo/radiation is not necessary. I found out that doctor Loehrer at IU specializes in thymic cancer. IRead More →

Hello, My name is joan fitzgerald, I’m a 35yr old Caucasian female with a diagnosis of malignant thymoma with major indentation of the right atrium. The tumour is extending from the left pulmonary artery effectively surrounding the svc, occluding the innominate and involving the right superior pulmonary vein. I was diagnosed July 2015 and I had a good response to 6 cycles of chemotherapy cisplatin and etoposide with an apperant good response, followed by 24 fraction of radiotherapy. I recently undergone surgery where the cardiothoraic surgeon failed to debunk or resection the mediastinal  mass as it was adhering the RA/svc junction invading into the cardiacRead More →

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