I am Debbi, a 61 year old female. I was rear-ended in an auto accident on January 29th, 2009. After going for an extended course of physical therapy with no definitive improvement, my family practice doc sent me to see a chiropractor with an excellent reputation on April 15th. He ordered x-rays since I was in pain for so long. That evening he called to tell me that a tumor was seen and that I needed a chest x-ray to confirm this. Things snowballed and led to my surgery on May 19th at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. The needle biopsyRead More →

I was in an automobile accident in November, 2003. as a result of some pain, I went to an emergency room to check and see if I had broken a rib. The good news was that I hadn’t–the bad news was that the x-ray caught a spot on my lungs, and it was suggested to me that I have it checked out. An MRI revealed a large tumor above the heart, and a bunch of smaller spots in both lungs. The ultimate diagnosis was malignant thymoma. After inconclusive results from lung biopsies (which were surprisingly painful), I decided to do a thymectomy. The main tumorRead More →

God Bless Jose and Maggie. Jose passed away from Thymic Carcinoma. Back in July 2003, my husband, Jose 39 yrs old, had a serious bout with bacterial meningitis. After 4 weeks he slowly started recovering from the meningitis. When an MRI was done a large anterior mediastinal mass was noted. The mass was believed to be a thymoma. (A tumor on his thymus gland) We went to a surgeon, who specialized in thymomas. A ct scan was done, and it was believed to be lymphoma instead of a thymoma. Because the tumor measured 6cm X 12 cm and believe to be putting pressure on hisRead More →